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I continuously held an Amateur Radio ("ham") license
for 42 years, from 1978 until 2020, when I brought this
chapter of my life to a close and canceled W4SV with
the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

There are many stories and many personal achievements
throughout this time, but the greatest benefit are the
friendships that have been made and kept for so long.

I used ham radio to talk to space people! Click to listen.

(Links that show ID at the end are the astronaut identifying their spacecraft.)

Space Shuttles (with KD9BE)
STS-58 - KC5ACR, Bill McArthur, ID (Columbia)
30 OCT 1993 - STS-58 - KC5ACR, Bill McArthur

Mir Space Station (with KD9BE)
Docked with Shuttle Atlantis on both of these missions
STS-71 - KB5SIX, Ellen Baker, ID (Mir)
STS-71 - KB5SIX, Ellen Baker, ID (Mir and Atlantis)
01 JULY 1995 - STS-71 - KB5SIX, Ellen Baker
15 NOV 1995 - STS-74 - KC5ACR, Bill McArthur

International Space Station (with W4SV)
09 MAY 2001 - Expedition 2 - Jim Voss
19 OCT 2001 - Expedition 3 - Frank Culbertson
10 JUNE 2002 - Expedition 5 - Valery Korzun (using RSØISS)
09 JAN 2006 - Expedition 12 - Bill McArthur
16 OCT 2008 - Expedition 18 - Richard Garriott, W5KWQ

NOTE: Richard Garriott was the sixth "space tourist" to pay a large sum of money to visit the ISS.
His father, Owen Garriott, W5LFL, was a NASA astronaut and the first person to take ham radio into space
and talk to other hams back on earth. Click here to listen to W5LFL on 04 DEC 1983 from STS-9 Columbia.